Demolishing buildings can be an environmentally damaging experience, particularly if it has serious contaminants. One of the most serious, yet least discussed, is the problem that occurs when demolishing buildings with lead paint dust. It is vital to clean these buildings properly before demolishing them.

Lead Can Be Airborne

It might be hard for some people to imagine, but lead paint can turn into dust and go airborne. Though this item is no longer used in homes and buildings, a large number built before the 1980s still have lead-based paint. When this item flakes and goes airborne, the risk of exposure and various health problems (including cognitive degradation) are possible.

This Paint Can Go Airborne After Demolition

While lead paint dust in a home or building is dangerous enough, what happens when that building is demolished? In a day when most buildings with lead paint have either been treated or are decrepit, this problem is very important to consider. Demolishing a building with lead paint dust could cause it to spread over an entire neighborhood and damage the health of an entire population.

Cleaning Up Is Possible

Before demolishing a building that may have lead paint, it is important to take steps to remove it. Start by using a HEPA vacuum to suck up all paint dust that could be lead-based. A whole cleaning crew is likely to be necessary for this procedure, as it can require wiping down all the surfaces, removing extensive portions of the building, and much more.

By following these steps, you can protect your project and your neighborhood from serious lead paint dust dangers. Failure to do so could expose a whole new generation to serious mental and physical health problems that would have been easily avoided.

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