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Lead Paint Stripper

LEAD-OUT® Paint Stripper

Health hazards of home renovations due to lead paint can be virtually eliminated with LEAD-OUT® Paint Stripper. This soy-based paint stripper prevents lead paint dust and paint chips from filling the air during renovation, and it renders lead and other heavy metals permanently non-hazardous for safe and inexpensive disposal.


LEAD-OUT® Paint Stripper Benefits:

  • Renders lead paint non-hazardous
  • Non-caustic - no hazards, no chemical burns
  • No methylene chloride
  • Won't raise the grain of wood
  • Won't damage delicate surfaces
  • Won't stain fabrics
  • Removes multiple coats of paint
  • Large coverage area 
  • Sticks to vertical surfaces
  • Works on just about all types of surfaces and all types of paint





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