EPA Lead Certification Requirements

The following are a few of the most frequently asked questions regarding the EPA lead certification process: Q: Who needs to have a lead certification? A: Certification is required for all firms that are paid to perform work that may disturb lead paint or conduct lead...

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Lancaster County Lobbies to Pass Laws that Protect Children

In government related news, officials at Lancaster County are working to get state-level laws passed that protect children from the hazards of lead paint in their homes. On December 5th, local officials met at the county's City Council Committee Meeting and passed a...

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Treating Lead Dust

There is no silver-lining to lead poisoning. In fact, it is theorized that widespread lead poisoning had a hand in the fall of the Roman Empire. This is because the Roman Elite brewed beverages in lead-made cooking vessels, while bathing with and drinking tap water...

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How to Test for Lead Paint

Why Test for Lead? When ingested or inhaled, lead is highly toxic and can cause a variety of neurological and other health issues. Children under the age of six are particularly susceptible to the effects of lead poisoning. Once absorbed into the system, lead can...

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Living true to the principal that art is for everyone, the Lawrence Arts Center’s community engagement is focused on partnerships with Boys and Girls Club of Lawrence, Head Start, Cottonwood, Inc., The Children’s Shelter, Douglas County CASA, and the Juvenile Detention Center among others. With your support, we are committed to ensuring that the healing and educational power of art is accessible to all.

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