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Lead Paint Sealant and Treatment Formula

Learn how ECOBOND® LBP - Lead Defender® is different than Encapsulants in treating lead paint.

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Lead Defender
1 & 5 Gallon

Lead Defender PRO
1 & 5 Gallon

Lead Paint Articles

The Importance of Controlling the Spread of Lead-Contaminated Airborne Lead Dust on Industrial and Commercial Projects

While it seems like forever ago, given that lead was removed from paint in the United States back in 1978, we sometimes forget that buildings tend to live longer than people. Given that more than 50% of every structure in the USA contains ... Read On


Proving That Lead Pollution Hazards Can Be Treated

Lead Contamination Expert, James M. Barthel, Creator of ECOBOND™ Lead Defender™, Releases Independent Test Report Successfully Proving That Lead Pollution Hazards Can Be Treateds ... Read On


Lancaster County Lobbies to Pass Laws that Protect Children

Officials at Lancaster County are working to get state-level laws passed that protect children from the hazards of lead paint in their homes ... Read On



There is no silver-lining to lead poisoning. In fact, it is theorized that widespread lead poisoning had a hand in the fall of the Roman Empire. ... Read On


DIY Lead Paint Treatment and Removal Can Cause More Problems Than It Solves

If you currently own or are purchasing an older home, you probably know all about the risks of lead-based paint. You know that homes built before 1978. ... Read On



Even if a home does contain lead-based paint, if the condition of the paint is in fairly good shape, meaning there's no obvious peeling or ... Read On


Lead Poisoning Prevention Week Starts October 23rd 2016 -- Are Your Kids at Risk?

The Philadelphia Inquirer posted a story on October 2nd about the dangers of lead paint in homes built before 1978. Kevin Brasler, for Delaware Valley Consumers' Checkbook warns ... Read On


3 Lead Dust Containment Tips That Will Keep You Safe

Lead, despite being an extremely toxic substance, has been used all throughout our history. It's like we somehow forget, as a species, how poisonous it is, then we remember.. Read On