EPA & State Lead-Safe Certified Contractors

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Protect your family from lead paint by hiring a lead-safe certified company.

When hiring a contractor, ask to see their lead-safe certification.

The RRP lead-safe certification is an EPA or state issued certificate showing that they’ve been trained to work around lead paint in a safe and professional manner. Certified contractors have been trained to minimize the disturbance of lead paint, and to contain any lead paint dust that might be disturbed while working. This results in keeping your family safe from exposure.

The Lead-Safe List features many of these EPA and State Lead-Safe Certified Firms in an easy to use directory. Start by choosing a state and select any county you are looking to hire from.

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About The RRP Rule

The RRP rule was implemented to ensure lead-safe practices are employed by contractors and landlords when they carry out renovation, repair or painting work in pre-1978 properties.

Under the ruling, homeowners or tenants who reside in pre-1978 homes or buildings have the right to request for an EPA-approved certification from any contractor appointed to perform renovation, repair or painting at their premises.

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